Sydney Dunk Tanks – Directly Imported From The US

Sydney Dunk Tanks Dunk Tanks For Hire In Sydney At A Great Price

Sydney Dunk Tanks specialises in providing top quality interactive entertainment and fundraising equipment for people in Sydney.  To make an inquiry or booking just fill in the contact box below:

Our Dunk Tanks Are The Latest & Greatest Directly Imported From The U.S.

At Sydney Dunk Tanks we have the latest 2011 models with the latest safety upgrades and new improved features making it the toughest and safest dunk tank in Australia right now and also the leading brand for the past 20 years in the U.S.Aussies Love Dunk Tanks Because They’re Fun & Exciting (And Something We’re Not Used To Seeing In Australia).

How Sydney Dunk Tanks Can Help Make Your Next Function Fun & Profitable

Many groups use dunk tanks as fund raisers because they can be extremely profitable.

For example, if you charge $5 for 3 balls and you can potentially have 150 throwers in 60 minutes you have the makings of a very successful fundraiser.

Student groups, scouting programs, church youth groups, schools, fetes, sporting clubs and other non for profit organisations regularly use dunk tanks for this purpose.

But that’s just the start.

Dunk Tanks For Parties, Carnivals, Picnics & Corporate Events

You can also hire a Sydney Dunk Tank where people aren’t actually charged to “dunk”.

For example, teachers may volunteer to get dunked (particularly at the end of the year, year 6 farewells, year 12 farewells).

Church picnics and street parties are also ways to have fun with one of our Sydney Dunk Tanks (especially in a blistering hot summer’s day).

How About Sydney Dunk Tanks And Wet T Shirt Contests With A Difference

What a perfect way to have a wet t shirt contest with a difference.  Gorgeous women wearing bikini bottoms and a sexy white t-shirt hop up onto our dunk tank while men line up in droves to hit the target.


Dunk tanks are also popular and heaps of fun in nightclubs and pubs.  They’re great entertainment as patrons “volunteer” themselves or their friends for a dunk tank soaking (for a prize or just for fun).

Call me on 0401594069 or send me an email below:

Imagine How Popular Your Children’s Parties Will Be With A Sydney Dunk Tank

sydney dunk tanks birthday parties

Getting bored with the same old birthday parties in Sydney?  Then try a dunk tank (more fun than a pool party and your children’s friends will be talking about it for weeks afterwards).

Team Bonding And Employee Stress Release

If you run a company and your employees are running a bit ragged or tempers have been flaring up lately then let off some steam with a dunk tank rental?  Your employees will be able to cool down in more ways than one!

Bachelor Parties And Hens Nights

sydney dunk tanks - bride dunk

Want to have a bachelor party or hens night with a real splash?  One of our Sydney Dunk Tanks will make sure there’s a lot of fun and laughter for everyone.

Get Local Celebrities Involved

sydney dunk tanks celebrity dunks

Get your local mayor, radio personalities, local news personalities to volunteer to be dunked and your event is bound to land itself in the local paper (great publicity).

To avoid disappointment it’s recommended that you book ASAP.

To book one of our Sydney Dunk Tanks for your next event call Ian on 0401594069 or email me directly below:

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