End Of School Year Activites – End School Year With A Splash

End  Of  School  Year Activities – Dunk Tanks End the School Year with a Splash!

Every school year holds special memories for kids as they grow up  all  too  fast and end of school year activities are a great way to finish off those memories in style. Special events, special friends, teachers they loved, and, maybe didn’t love so much. There were good times and bad times, victories and losses; another year of learning, changing and growing up. No matter what grade your child is wrapping up – anywhere from kindergarden to college graduation- you can make the end of the school year an event to remember  for lifetime when you add a dunk tank to the celebration!  A dunk tank is the perfect way to make a splash at the end of the school year – you might even think about making it an end of school tradition year after year!  Sydney  Dunk  Tanks is here to turn this end of school year idea into a reality.

End of School Year Activities For Grade Schoolers

Little kids sometimes celebrate the end of the school year with mixed emotions. Not having a whole lot of independence yet, the end of the school year, while representing the beginning of summer fun, also represents missing a lot of their friends for a few months.  Hosting an end of school party for your grade schooler is a great way to give him or her one last hurrah for the year  with all of their friends and you can make it a party they’ll never forget when you line them all up for a turn in the dunk tank!

End of School Year Activities For High Schoolers

The older school crowd is a little more mischievous, and therefore a whole lot of fun at a party with a dunk tank!  Watch them antagonize one another form the dunk tank (good naturedly, or course!), and help them create their own fun memories to last the summer … and their whole life!

End of School Year Activities For Graduation Events

Add some spice to the traditional, ho-hum graduation reception by adding a dunk tank to the back yard festivities. The graduate is the obvious first candidate for dunking, here, but as their co-graduates arrive they could take their run in the tank, as well.

End of School Year Activities With Sydney Dunk Tank for School Sponsored Events

Whether it’s an end of school fundraiser or just a celebration, a dunk tank is a great way to make a splash at end of the school year events!  Try talking some teachers or even the principal into taking a turn in the tank!  How about the coaches?  Volunteers from the student body make great dunking candidates, as well; the captain of the debate team, the captain of football, hockey, soccer, volleyball team, the student body president, the homecoming king and queen.. the entire student body will have a blast trying to dunk these people into the tank!  Just for fun, or charge for throws at the target to raise some money for your school!

Dunk tank are great way to add some fun and excitement to the end fo school year events. They’re great for every age group and for a variety of different types of end of school year celebrations.  Make the end of the school year a time for your kids to remember when you add a dunk tank to the fun!  For inquiries and bookings call Ian on 0401509049 or email direct below:

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