Boys’ Night Out; Dunk Tanks for Bachelor Parties!

Bachelor Parties In Sydney Have Never Been So Much Fun

So, you’re the best man.  You two have been through the best and the worst.  You know each other’s secrets, even though you may never talk about them.  This is your bro…your wingman.  He’s found the woman of his dreams, and now he’s getting ready to marry her.  Of all the crazy adventures you two have been on in your lives, this one just may be the scariest, the craziest, the best for the groom-to-be.  But you’re not going to let him pass quietly from bachelorhood into the married life.  Oh no!  As best man, it’s your job to make sure the groom-to-be exits bachelorhood with a bang!  Okay, no pun intended.  But seriously, if you want to plan a real night to remember for the groom-to-be, you’ve got to get a little bit creative.  Do it a little differently than every other bachelor party.  Is this starting to feel like a lot of pressure?  Don’t sweat it.  Throwing your buddy the best ever boys’ night out is easier than you can imagine.  Simply kick it off with a dunk tank!

Now, there’s a thought… 

Have you ever attended a bachelor party in a limo that stopped conveniently at the front door to the strip club?  Of course you have.  Have you ever been to a bachelor party where the foxy ladies danced right in the living room?  Of course you have.  You’ve been to these bachelor parties, because that’s about as creative as they get.  If you want to throw a memorable bachelor party, you have to think outside the box.  That’s not to say you can’t enjoy the scantily clad lasses which are a staple of tradition at bachelor parties all over the world.  But won’t all the guys be surprised when they find these ladies at the mercy of a well placed throw of a ball, poised precariously above a tank of cold water?  Yes.  They will!

Additional thoughts…

 As long as you’re thinking outside the box as you plan your bachelor party, consider these options…

It doesn’t have to be a scantily clad lady in the dunk tank.  While I’m sure the guys would all appreciate that, consider the humor factor in these dunking candidates:

Ex girlfriends

 Yes, that’s what I said.  This option will only really be funny as long as the groom-to-be and the exes get along these days, but how hilarious would it be to start the party off by dunking a line of ex girlfriends into a tank of cold water?

Future in-laws

 Of course, this option also depends upon the fact that the groom-to-be gets along well with his future in-laws, but if he does, this is a great way to kick off both the bachelor party and the future family relationships.  Humor help people bond.  It just does.

The bride-to-be

 This might sound crazy right at first—who wants their fiancé at their bachelor party?  Well, no one, and so the ladies should be dismissed immediately after the dunk tank portion of the party.  But imagine the fun of the groom and all his groomsmen having the opportunity to dunk the bride and all her bridesmaids.  This will also help the wedding party to get to know one another, have a laugh, and very likely have way more fun together at the wedding itself.

Send you’re wingman off into wedded bliss in style when you kick off the bachelor party with a dunk tank!

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