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Boys’ Night Out; Dunk Tanks for Bachelor Parties!

Bachelor Parties In Sydney Have Never Been So Much Fun So, you’re the best man.  You two have been through the best and the worst.  You know each other’s secrets, even though you may never talk about them.  This is your bro…your wingman.  He’s found the woman of his dreams, and now he’s getting ready …Continue reading


Our Customers Love Sydney Dunk Tanks – Find Out Why

Our Customers Love Sydney Dunk Tanks – Find Out Why IT REALLY IS A FANTASTIC ATTRACTION FOR PEOPLE AT EVENTS ” You made it so easy and fun and it really is a fantastic attraction for people at the events” – Bruce Stanley SINCE THE EVENT EVERYONE HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT THE DUNK TANK “GDay …Continue reading


End Of School Year Activites – End School Year With A Splash

End  Of  School  Year Activities – Dunk Tanks End the School Year with a Splash! Every school year holds special memories for kids as they grow up  all  too  fast and end of school year activities are a great way to finish off those memories in style. Special events, special friends, teachers they loved, and, …Continue reading


Dunk Tank Rental – Why It’s Becoming So Popular In Sydney

Dunk Tank Rental In Sydney- Why It’s Becoming SO Popular! If you’re wondering why dunk tank rental is suddenly becoming more and more popular, then here are a few reasons why this trend might be taking off in such a big way. First of all dunk tanks are a great way to bring a memorable, …Continue reading


What Is A Dunk Tank

What Is A Dunk Tank? If you’re wondering what is a dunk tank you’ve come to the right place. A dunk tank is a stand build to hold a very large amount of water. A seat extends above the dunk which collapses when the external target is hit.  A person sits on the seat daring …Continue reading

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