Sydney Dunk Tanks Hire – As Seen On TV

Make A HUGE SPLASH At Your Next Event With A Sydney Dunk Tank Hire (The Same One As Seen On The Australian Tv Shows “A League Of Their Own” & “The Living Room”




For A Good Time…

Dunk And Get Dunked

WeatherZone Is Predicting A Scorcher Of A


Can Cool Off In Fun… contact us here for a speedy reply…


What Makes An Event, A “Great” Event?



What’s More Fun Than Dunking

The Boss,The Principal, The Parent

Or Well.. Anyone?


Play the video below and you’ll see a holy man get dunked by his wife!


Put The “Fun” in Fundraiser Or Any Event At All….

If you are planning any kind of party, a dunk tank is a hoot… but with a charity event, fundraiser, or even a carnival or fair, where raising ‘funds’ is the goal…

…the dunk tank will definitely make the coffers ‘overflow.’

Just charge $5 for 3 balls (that’s 3 shots to dunk the boss, your co-worker, your best friend or just someone who desperately needs a good dunking). You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll reach any fundraising goal…

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Dunk Tanks Offer Waves Of Fun For A Sea Of Occasions


It doesn’t matter what you’re planning. Our dunk tank hire always makes a splash.


Birthday Parties


School Events

Corporate Functions

All kinds of festivals and fairs…Add a dunk tank to your event and it is GUARANTEED to be a real crowd pleaser!

We have delivered our dunk tanks to all kinds of events and venues throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and throughout New South Wales. We’ve even delivered to events in the mountains, in the Autumn snows.

And what about for events in night clubs, pubs and bars for special events?… a dunk tank rental for a wet t-shirt contest has so much less clean up than a mud wrestling match.


Simple and Fast Set Up… Easy To Use


We can set up and be gone quickly…


Setup takes just a few minutes, and then we ‘fill ‘er up’…


You and your guests can then start dunking your friends, co-workers… even the boss.



Is It Safe?




YES. Our Dunk Tanks are extremely safe for just about anyone.


Pretty much anyone from the ages of 5 all the way up to 105 can climb up on the bench and be dunked… as all your other guests delight in the amusement and enjoyment of dunking them…


The ability to swim is recommended, but anyone who can stand above the water line is fair game… if they’re willing.



Most adults of ‘average height’ can stand above the water line and of course kids should not ever be left unattended, even if they can swim.


NOTE: We suggest using a sign that says “You May Not Do Anything That Starts With The Words… ‘Hey Watch This‘… “


Even In The Autumn And Winter Months… Plenty Of Fun Is Still To Be Had


Sydney Dunk Tanks even provides WETSUITS… in men’s, women’s and even children’s sizes…


There will be no excuse for anyone not to ‘get dunked.’





The Dunk Tank model employed by Sydney Dunk Tanks is the world’s most popular machine for dunking helpless victims all over the planet!




Manufactured and assembled in Ohio, USA, the model is completely and totally…


...in a class of its own.


It has been the best performing tank in the US for the last 25 years and is the strongest and safest on the market.


They literally injected “BRUTE FORCE, RAW STRENGTH” into it when casting the moulds!


Ian Manning of Sydney Dunk Tanks was the first person to ever have thismodel imported into New South Wales, establishing Sydney Dunk Tanks as the premier provider of dunking fun.



“Gday Ian,

I would just like to once again thankyou for your support of the Castle Hill RSL Cricket Club’s Pink Stumps Day event 2012.

Since the event everybody has been talking about the Dunk Tank and about how much fun they had because of it.

Your professionalism throughout the whole booking process as well as during the day meant that the event ran smoothly, and everybody had a great experience with the Dunk Tank.

We are currently putting together a video of the day complete with ALL the action from the Dunk Tank and we are planning on showing it at our annual presentation night to relive the fun and excitement and to also show those people that were not lucky enough to be there on the day exactly what they missed out on.I’m sure once they see how much fun was had we’ll be having to hold another event with the Dunk Tank.” cheers

Michael Hungerford

Castle Hill RSL Cricket Club”




“Hi Ian,

Thank you very much for your email.

We loved having you, and the dunking machine was a real hit.Everyone had an absolute ball, and we have got very positive feedback from the day. So thank you! “

Kobi Hancock

University of Wollongong’s Faculty of Education O-Day Festival




“Hi Ian,

I am just sending you a quick emailing to say thank you for the Dunk Tank for our camp.

The kids absolutely loved it, they couldn’t get enough.”


Vision Valley



Don’t Let Your Guests Overheat…

Keep Them Cool

We make it easy peasy to contact
us… just click the link below… it alerts our phone and we’ll get
right back to you.

And Ian is practically an insomniac

so you can be sure
to get a reply lickety split…


Call 0401594069




How long does it take to setup?


Setting up takes only a few minutes. Fill up time depends on the water pressure on site. It can be as quick as 15 minutes but shouldn’t be more than an hour, and Ian will arrive an hour or more ahead of the hire time to ensure that the tank will be completely set up and ready for use as soon as your event begins.


The tank is never emptied until the hire time has finished, so there is nothing at all eating into the use time the tank is hired for. Filling up and emptying is on us, with our compliments..


Can you deliver outside of Sydney?


Absolutely! Simply, contact us and tell us the address or location where the event or function will be held. And if you’re wondering if you have to come and pick up the dunk tank and delivery it back worry no more! Delivery and pick up is part of the Sydney Dunk Tank service and is done free of charge to the Sydney metropolitan area *.


*In some instances we may charge a small fee for travel if the event is located 40KM or more from Hornsby New South Wales.


Is the Dunk Tank safe?


The Dunk Tanks are 100% safe. You don’t even need to be able to swim. Anyone who can stand above the water line can get dunked… and anyone can dunk someone else… as long as they can aim.


How much does it cost to hire a Dunk Tank?


We provide very reasonable hourly rates and in some cases a nominal travel charge…contact us for a simple, easy quote.


How Long Can I Hire A Dunk Tank For?


You can a dunk tank for as long as you like. Generally a three hour minimum rate applies. You can also hire it for an entire weekend or even for a bigger block period. Just contact us and we can discuss your needs.


What Do I Need To Do To Hire A Dunk Tank?


Hiring a dunk tank through us is easy. Just contact us as soon as you have a date so that we can check if we have a dunk tank free (to avoid disappointment it’s recommended you contact us asap). If we do, a minimum deposit is required to reserve your dunk tank he and to lock in your date. And that’s all you need to do prior to your event.


Why Choose Sydney Dunk Tanks?


Good question. Truthfully, dunk tanks is ALL we do and because of that we strive to provide the best before and after care and the best prices around. We will go wherever we need to go, we will do whatever we need to do, to make your event the best it can be. We must be doing something right because once customers hire a dunk tank through Sydney Dunk Tanks they choose us again and again.


For more FAQ’S… Sydney Dunk Tanks FAQ’S





To book a Dunk Tank simply send us a message over at our
contact us page. Just tell us the location, time and date and we’ll be sure to get back to you asap.


Our Dunk Tanks can be booked out even months in advance therefore you should take this opportunity to contact us enquiring about your event date before it’s too late.


To contact Sydney Dunk Tanks for bookings or enquiries you can either send us a message over at our contact page or you can call Ian on his mobile: 0401 594 069


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P.S. Make your next event loads of dunking fun with Sydney Dunk Tanks.


P.S.S. Dunk Tanks are fun for everyone… and if you’re hosting a fundraiser, dunk tanks can provide a literal ‘flood’ of revenue.




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